Core Problem Solving is what Intelligent Businesses do. We help you get there.

Still living with symptomatic relief for the issues that prevent your organization from growing? We eliminate the root cause to these issues, with lasting solutions, using our RADICAL ROOTINGTM approach.

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Why Choose INSIGHT?

Optimize Investment

Our proprietary investigative methodology : Radical Rooting - solves your problem without spending anymore than necessary.

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Appropriate Solutions

We don't come in with an agenda to sell a product. We provide you with options, so that you can choose what works best for your needs.

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Measure Results

Success, to us, is not just delivering a solution. We walk with you to confirm that your problem has been solved, and you see results.

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Improved Profitability

We will solve your business problems in a measurable way, so that you see a positive impact on your financial bottomline.

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Full Suite Services


  • Business model analysis
  • Business process mapping
  • Root cause Analysis
  • KPI identification and measurement
  • Solution Design and Prototyping


  • Corporate Finance Reports
  • Sensitivity & Risk Analysis
  • Cloud-based Accounting
  • Proforma & Budget Analysis
  • Digitizing & managing corporate finance processes
  • Optimizing workflow, technology & talent


  • Office 365, .NET, Cloud, SQL Server,
  • Websites using WordPress
  • Advanced analytics and visualizations
  • Enterprise Mobile apps
  • Power BI dashboards

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