Automate…automate…automate … APIs & RPAs to your advantage

Automate…automate…automate …You probably have heard the automate refrain many times over by now!

Are you familiar with Robotic Process Automation (RPAs) ? For those who are not – any process that is repetitive in nature and is a ‘low hanging fruit’ for automation can be called a Robotic Process.

Can you identify robotic processes in your workflow?  

They are the sitting ducks for automation.

Earlier, you had to bring in consultants who would map your process for automation and charge you a hefty fee. The viability of such an approach was therefore restricted to larger businesses that could afford the cost and justify it with a return over time.

Now technology has made it possible to go incremental with automation. And you really don’t need a comprehensive analysis by experts. You can spot incremental automation opportunities within your workflow and actually get it implemented.

Sometimes the right tools or add-ons can straight away do the trick for you. But remember, there is a revolution happening out there with apps and an app is going to be bettered by another in no more than 6 months’ time.  So you are not likely to stay put in the digital environment you may choose today.

So the smart thing to do is have apps talk to each other. This is where APIs come in.

Now I don’t want to make it appear cakewalk simple. While we are not talking about major technical and programming interventions, there is still a fair bit of tech-savvy called for. Incremental, though.

The good news is that you can get all the tech-savvy help you need to do your automation plumbing for less than the price of a local bookkeeper. Yes, it is at your virtual doorstep![/vc_column_text][/vc_column]

Here is a neat infographic explaining the process

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