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Development of an online version of an drilling manual for its client,  that is easy to access, use, maintain and protect against piracy and also the information needs of oilfield professionals could be easily met.

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Drillers.comis an online station for oilfield workers to connect and share their knowledge and drilling experiences across the shore with like-minded professionals. Portal was started in 1996 by Steve Devereux, who himself is an oilfield professional with an entrepreneurial spirit. It’s a place for Drilling related information, online libraries, personnel directory, jobs and classifieds. It also provides services by way of a Drilling Manual.

Business Challenge

Until 2008, was serving the oil drilling industry with drilling related information that helped improve the performance of drilling professionals and enabled them to move up the professional ladder, quickly. The Drilling Manual was their primary revenue source and this was distributed through FTP and CDs. But the client was looking for a option that is easy to access, use, maintain and protect against piracy and also the information needs of oilfield professionals could be easily met.

The Solution

Insight Consultants has been the technology partner of choice for Steve’s company since 2007. Phase 1 of the new site involved deploying a discussion forum and a photo gallery. Alongside, work on the online version of the Manual also began. During this phase, we employed the RadicalRooting™ methodology and proactively helped Steve discover new terrains on the web where his business could flourish. Beginning with a Business Model study, we revisited the objective, the market needs, the marketing strategy and finally the business model as well. The outcome was the concept of a Web Mashup of Expert Maps, Blogs, Media Sharing and Knowledge Commerce solutions with the objective of improving the quality of life of oil field professionals. Phase 2 of the site came to life with our extended Marketing, Business Consulting and Technology support.

Services provided

Notable features

RadicalRooting Services provided drillers


notable features of, drilling social network
Tools and Technologies used
  1. Clicktracks, Weblog Expert
  2. MBTI questionnaire
  3. Futurenow’s Persuasion Architecture ™
  4. Adobe Photoshop  CS3
  5. ASP.NET2.0
  6. Ajax
  7. MS SQL Server 2005

The Bottom Line

The all new was released successfully on March 10, 2009. Later  with the online version of the Drilling Manual, was able to flourish its name and service in the Oilfield industry.

“Insight Consultants (subsidiary of Stylus Inc.) has been working with us since May 2007. We have been consistently satisfied with the quality of their work, and also their willingness and ability to set and meet timelines. They have also been exemplary in dealing with problems immediately, a quality that is extremely important in software development. Insight is also up-to-date with and proficient in “cutting edge” technology, which we have required for our needs. All in all, I can heartily recommend Stylus to anyone with Web development needs. We are not affiliated with them in any way, other than as satisfied clients.”

-David Morris, Technical Director,


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