Development of a payment reconciliation software -case study

Successful deployment of a payment reconciliation  software for the client , Ascension Technologies, LLC , a wholly owned subsidiary of Tribal Economic Development Holdings, LLC, a wholly owned and operated economic arm and instrumentality of the Lac Vieux Desert Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians, a federally recognized Indian tribe.

Client Overview

Ascension Technologies LLC is an IT services firm that is a Tribally owned and operated entity of the Lac Vieux Desert Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians, registered and located on the Tribe’s reservation in Watersmeet, Michigan.

Ascension technologies provides IT services to one of its clients Big Picture Loans. Big Picture Loans is a Tribally owned and operated entity of the Lac Vieux Desert Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians, registered and located on the Tribe’s reservation in Watersmeet, Michigan. The Company is established for the economic benefit of the Tribe, and is a wholly owned, managed, controlled and operated instrumentality of the Tribe.


Big Picture Loans tracks loan repayments through daily NACHA reports from major payment gateways such as Viking, T24 and RCC. The Attempt Allocation Report is a key daily report that compiles the ACH payments and return information from these payment gateways, as well as the information from the internal Loan Management system.

Ascension Technologies facing a big challenge in the payment reconciliations of Big Picture Loans. Major pain points are:

  • Current LOS does not connect to the payment processor through API
  • The funding and repayment processing is done by submitting NACHA files to the payment processors.
  • Reconciliation was done manually using excel sheets
  • The returns on funding and repayments can happen only up to 60 days from the day of processing


Insight Consultants proposed to develop a browser accessed software app that can take care of the entire reconciliation of the payments


Successful deployment of a payment reconciliation system

Business Objectives

  • Client need an error free and easily scalable daily report
  • The Attempt Allocation Report (ACH) should compile the ACH payment and return information from the payment gateways
  • Well created NACHA files
  • Pick the exact rates and payment calculations for semi-monthly pay frequencies
  • Must have the pre-approve and auto-approve facility

Proposed App will allow Big Picture personnel to upload

The daily NACHA payment and returns reports from the following Payment Processors:

  • Viking
  • T24
  • PDS
  • FlexiPay
  • Daily Net Collected Detail Report from the Loan management system

The relevant data will be extracted from these reports and will be stored in a Database. The software will allow the user to generate an Attempt Allocation Report based on the dates specified.

New system will provide an option to export the report in XLS format.

Business Solution

Insight designed a Payment Reconciliation System Build-out-version 1.0 with the following features:

  • Login
  • Upload Debit NACHA txt file (Viking, T24, PDS)
  • Upload Returns NACHA txt files (Viking, T24, PDS)
  • Upload Net Collection Details csv file
  • View/ Edit Screen for Debit data
  • View / Edit screen for the Net Collected Details data
  • View/ Edit Screen for Return data
  • Reconciliation logic to combine debit, returns and Net collected
  • Details information based on ACH transaction number and
  • Dates
  • Display Totals report for each of the 3 Payment Processors
  • Display Merchant & Stores report for the 3 payment processors
  •  Basic User management (Add & Disable users, Forgot / change password)


Successful in developing a browser accessed software app that permits the personnel from the loan company to upload the daily payment and return and net collected detail reports.

The software can extract the relevant data and will store in a database

The new reconciliation system will now

reads the NACHA files, understand returns, and successful submissions

generate perfect monthly cost allocation report

export the reports in XLS format

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