Insight Difference

We help you get a sense of your business, through what we’d like to call, RadicalRooting™

RadicalRooting™ is Insight’s home-grown approach to help businesses place premium on the future value of a solution or idea before counting costs. Companies today are as concerned about maintaining healthy bottom-lines as they are about top-lines. Nobody wants to spend a dollar on anything they cannot multiply tomorrow. Insight understands that you need a value-partner, and our approach spells just that RadicalRooting™ helps you look intently at the pain points of your business and spend time resolving these, before moving into the solution conceptualization stage. And what’s more? We ensure that you get our promised value and here’s how we do it.

Why RadicalRooting™?

Here are 6 reasons why you must consider RadicalRooting™ for your business:

  1. Get to the root of the problem quickly
  2. Get better clarity on the solution to be developed
  3. Get convinced on the impact of the solution on business
  4. Measure ROI of solution easily
  5. Create value for your company instead of costs
  6. Get a partner who walks alongside your business

Rationale before Requirements

We flesh out your ideas only after we make sure that it gives you a clearly identified value and we help you measure if that was obtained.

Value before costs

We estimate cost of project along expected solution benefits to validate
that your return will be greater than your investment owing to those benefits.

Clarity before Solution development

When you share your idea with us, you will be wow-ed by what you see at the end of the analysis.

So what is this WOW effect?

The WOW effect/ Visual Spec : What you see as snapshots in our prototype is exactly how you see your end solution work.*

Interactive prototype : Flexible prototypes, which allow you to make your own changes based on your preferences.

Impact : Prototypes with rich feature sets to top your base requirements, that comes from expert advice on features that boost the impact of your solution on the targeted user group.

Rapid Clarity : Within a week of your sharing your initial requirements with us, you’ll start getting a sense of what your end solution looks like.**

*This promise is only for the initial sign-off on the prototype. If requirements change while creating the solution, the prototype will be changed to reflect the requirement changes and the prototype that was initially signed-off would be cancelled. This excludes graphics and special effects unless requested by client.

** This does not include design time.

Progress before Future Engagements

We walk alongside you to ensure that you get the expected business benefits with our solutions.

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