We help clients power their business growth through digital advantage in their Accounting and Bookkeeping function.

If your bookkeeping or accounting system is organized into discrete process components with defined output, then it may be called digital. This also paves way for applying digital technologies as well as remote team engagement to make the workflow even more efficient.

What we do

We deliver digital advantage to your Accounting and Bookkeeping function through primarily 3 interventions

  • Engaging Books of Account on Cloud based applications or remoting in to on-premise applications on dedicated terminals at the client location.
  • Process and Workflow mapping: The end to end processes involved in our Client’s Accounting and Bookkeeping function is studied and the workflow is mapped. This helps identify areas that can be delegated to our virtual/remote accountants or bookkeepers or easily automated using available technology resources, lowering the total cost of operation.
  • Clear Work break-down calendar structure: Closing the monthly accounting cycle and ensuring that accurate information is made available to business leaders in a timely manner.

Examples of our work

  • Mapped all the end to end processes in the client’s business and identified the critical path workflow to determine the monthly closure of books and generate useful reports
  • Implemented cloud-based applications like document management, reporting tools etc to cut down on manual work
  • Migration and Reconciliation of data between multiple services and systems in the client’s business ecosystem.
  • Weekly cashflow management that provides the client firm control over the business

Featured capabilities

  • Expertise on various cloud-based applications like Netsuite, Xero, Online QB, Zoho Accounting, Intacct.
  • Business Process Mapping using information and document flow approach
  • Daily process quality checks using self-regulated and customized mechanisms
  • Integrated communication and knowledge management using MS Teams, Asana
  • Know-how on Add-ons and Plug-ins available to the cloud platform, relevant to client business requirements
  • Insight Consultants’ technology services and consulting technology services and consulting team collaboration for all technology inputs and integration
  • Partnerships with Cloud platforms in the Finance and Accounting space