Why Choose Insight

All your key business functions should be growth partners. As a high growth-oriented business owner, if that is your perspective on the Finance and Accounting function, your priorities will be

  • Ensuring capability in your Finance and Accounting function through innovative and efficient talent engagement
  • Enabling actionable insights that drive your executive decision making
  • Engaging digital technology intelligence to enhance your business model

Our Services

Our services are designed to meet these priorities


Accounting and bookkeeping that harnesses every digital advantage available to your business and keeps your costs low


Onsite and remote engagement synergy customized for your capability and budget needs


Delivering business value impact through cross-functional expert engagement

Success Stories/Top Posts

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Client Testimonial

JP James
Managing Director / Leap Credit

Leap Credit

I have worked with over a 100 companies in the last decade and met with more accounting firms than I could possibly need. I keep going to Insight Consultants and keep introducing you to so many clients because you go beyond being a mere vendor, asking questions on where we want to go and proactively engaging to help us move there.

Charles Cassada
Director / Xenia


We have enjoyed working with Stylus over the past 6 months. They are very professional and timely in the handling of our financial accounts. They are very knowledgeable about current Indian tax requirements and accounting practices. Whenever we have questions they are very quick to respond. They have made our transition from Talley to QuickBooks very efficient and super easy. We look forward to many more years of having them handle our accounting and bookkeeping.

John W Paul


Insight Consultants has provided timely and accurate information for meeting the accounting needs of our organization.  We appreciate the reliability and work ethic of the company and would highly recommend this company’s services to others.

Craig Eggleton
Managing Director / EdLink Training Services Pvt. Ltd


Stylus has done an excellent job handling our business accounting matters. The staff are very easy to work with, knowledgeable, and willing to work hard to find answers when new situations arise.  With the implementation of GST and other new tax laws, Stylus has played a huge role in taking a load off our plate so that we can continue to run our business without worrying about all the changing laws. I have found the staff to be very professional, trustworthy, and willing to help. I highly recommend Stylus to any business or individual that would like quality accounting services.

Dave Meney
Yenem Engineering Services


It's been a really good experience with Insight Consultants looking after the back end service of our workflow and helping us on the day to day project management, invoicing all of that sort of thing. It's an amazing help versus having to do it ourselves. So it means we can all get on and do what we do best and not get bogged down on the administrative side so having that access on a monthly basis is definitely worthwhile.