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Corporate Finance and Strategy →

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Corporate Finance Strategy

Combining cutting-edge technology like machine learning and BI tools to bring real-time dashboards and insights for your decision making.

Recommendations for business leaders through financial modelling with sensitivity and risk analysis

Deployment of a spectrum of talent including business analysts, information technologists, financial engineers and senior accountants available to you in bespoke packages tailor-made for your business model

You pay for value created and validated. Flexible engagement options that are sensitive to your business context

Insight Consultants FMS' A2I framework for the Corporate Finance Function


    • Quality Assurance - Process Management
    • System checks & Controls for Data accuracy
    • Data Security
    • Privacy compliance


    • Process/Workflow improvements
    • Automation
    • Tools & Technology
    • Emerging technologies - Blockchain


    • Financial Analysis
    • Business Health analytics using all available information
    • Management decision support

Digitized Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Insight Consultants FMS offers a distinct value proposition for the Accounting function of Small and Medium Businesses (Start-ups and fast-growing companies) to drive growth.  

It has the following components: 

Aligning Functions To Goals

Aligning your Accounting and Bookkeeping function to your business goals and realigning improving and managing key data flows for achieving insightful and actionable financial information for the decision maker.

Digitizing Processes

Optimally engaging appropriate cloud-based technology and virtual talent, to reduce costs in your Accounting and Bookkeeping function. This is achieved by digitizing your Accounting and Bookkeeping processes and workflows.

Out-tasking to Robotic Process Automation (RPA):

Taking on labor-intensive tasks and transforming these using RPA, to realize high cost efficiencies