Our Purpose

Every successful company is engineered by a deep-seated purpose : a reason on why they think they should exist. Insight isn’t here to stay just for the buck’s sake. Having survived two dips in the history of technological players, Insight Consultants has convinced clients and stakeholders alike that it’s rock-solid vision, values and purpose has kept it off the beaten track.

Our Vision

“We believe that we are in the business of transformation. Therefore, at Insight, we seek to transform people for the glory of God.”

We believe that the web has created a new level playing field. We seek to transform our customers by helping them use the principles of the web to effectively fulfill their business dreams.

We seek to transform ourselves by giving everyone in our team an environment where we can achieve our true potential.

We seek to transform our shareholders by amply rewarding the trust that they have placed in us through their investments.

We seek to transform society by using our skills and resources to set people free from poverty, fear and whatever may hold them back from being everything that they ought to become.

Our Mission

“We strive to increase the value of your business by enabling informed decision making through technological and management interventions”

After all being said and done, what matters to every business is whether each investment of time, money and resources makes business sense or not. Insight’s mission path to see your business transformed is translated into helping you discover and improve your financial buoyancy by designing intelligent business solutions that comes from our double take on business and technology. Our mission, drilled-down, looks something like this :

  • We help you perceive your core business problem and solve it for you.
  • We embed business intelligence in your business solutions thereby taking you leaps beyond your competitors in leveraging your business solutions for business benefit.
  • We help you move from capturing raw data to making business sense out of them – we cull out the intelligence from your existing databases – thus enabling you to make quick, informed decisions.
  • We help you decide with ease.

Our Core Values

When we take on your project, we take the stewardship of the project with you in the director’s seat. As stewards of your project, we consider ourselves successful not when we deliver your final product but when the product meets your business objectives. Insight’s 6 core values define its character across all client and stakeholder dealings :

Integrity – Acting with total consistency to standards (norms, policies, practices, ethics, and principles) in every situation.

Candor – Be open and upfront in all our conversations, get to the key point(s) quickly and raise an issue as soon as we become aware that something is amiss.

Service – Take on goals of others as our own on their behalf and work sincerely to succeed in meeting those goals, in a spirit of humility and in a trustworthy manner.

Kindness – Being generous and caring towards others, expressed by proactively doing good for, and being of use to them, with a view to building them up.

Continually improving Competence – Constantly benchmarking ourselves against the best in the business, proactively learning and training to grow in knowledge and skills, always striving to be the best in the world at what we do.

Growth/ Sharpen the saw – We demonstrate good stewardship of resources given to us, by constantly improving their value. While staying within parameters that have been given, we actively take on new opportunities, and aim to continually grow our contribution.

Do We See What You See?

We believe in uncomplicating and demystifying the issues that plague our customers. We believe that we have proven technical expertise, understanding and desire to continue to deliver excellence for our customers and leave behind a legacy. Our vision is, to build an institution that outlasts our lives.

The people at Insight walk the talk by ensuring you get the business benefits that you envision when you come to a business partner like us.

We also love to listen, learn, implement and grow along with our customers. Do share with us your thoughts on how we can make this partnership a win-win for both of us.