Ranjit Mathew
Position: Executive Director & VP

Ranjit Mathew is an Executive Director on the Board, and heads our Enabling (Shared) Services function as VP. His thoughts are numerous. His words are measured. His careful gait, dynamics of approach and that reassuring smile are in stark contrast to his sharpened mind which seems to tick faster than a proactive time bomb. Fighting the battles of mediocrity and purposelessness and urging his troops onto excellence, Ranjit at Insight is a warrior at work. Coincidentally, the one plan of action that he echoes is the late Gen. Eisenhower’s quote “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” Too often people can’t see the difference between plans and planning. The first reflects rigidity while the latter epitomizes flexibility, adaptability and Ranjit Mathew. With over 15 years of leadership and experience in operations & project management, Insight’s COO, who joined in May 2005, plays out his major achievements as having contributed to the value statement of the company. Ranjit was always on the lookout to be a part of a business with a clear focus on transformation and aimed at influencing lives. The value based company that Insight. now is, is a true testimony to that desire and determination. For Ranjit, Insight’s growth is inevitable and often intangible and the growth in character and commitment is equally impressive. He believes in taking people in and investing in them with the firm belief that no such investment can ever become a lost investment. “Institutions do not last forever. People do. We are here for the latter”, he adds meaningfully and from the heart. With a B.A in Economics and a diploma in Systems Management, the chief leads the attack with his diplomatically different war plans, as quoted here. “Insight is dependent on passionate people, not on strategy. Our victory lies in being recognized for an unparallel quality of service, delivered passionately.”