Thomas Parackal
Position: Executive Director & EVP

Thomas Parackal is an Executive Director on the Board, and leads our Financial Management Services SBU, as EVP. Spend some time with Thomas and you will understand why Insight believes in having the right people in the right places! An engineer with top academic scores and one of the finest choices from the stables of Wipro-GE and Birla Technologies. Thomas brings with him almost 15 years of management expertise from having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. Thomas, who joined in November 2000 as the Operations Manager, currently functions as the Business Head for Financial Services and is on the Board of Directors as well. For Thomas, joining Insight was more of a stewardship call than a career choice. A true catalyst and a strategic analyst, Thomas reckons that the best way to use life is to use it for something that outlasts life itself. A faithful steward, Thomas shrugs away the recognition and rewards with modesty and a handful of words, “Just doing my duty”. Thomas is very watchful of Insight’s amazing growth and gives great importance to managing it with organizational and a balanced scorecard framework, which will help to sustain this growth which is anchored on values. With an immediate target of trying to keep at least one day of the week absolutely free from work, an intrigued Thomas with his wry smile, was caught saying “It’s truly fascinating to identify the true potential in people and the complexity that lies in the way of unlocking and engaging it to the fullest.”