Vinny Alex
Position: CEO & Managing Director

Vinny Alex serves as the Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Director of the Board of Directors. An approachable CEO who leads by example, Vinny says that the real challenge lies in growing in competency rather than just in revenue. He wants to ensure the development of the all round skills of his employees across multiple fronts, democratization of talent and organizational competency so as to build up Insight as an organization with a difference. His vision is that Insight will become a “key player in the web value chain,” he says with carefully chosen words, “for suppliers and customers from around the world.” Vinny focuses on execution, sales, marketing and management, apart from having a bird’s eye view on the scheme of things and serving on the Board of Directors as well. After joining in January 2001 as the HR Manager, Vinny leaped into finance and was later appointed CEO. Now he also enjoys software design & architecture. He describes his and for that matter, Insight’s role too, as that of a problem solver. “What we do is just problem solving, all the way! Its just that in software development, it happens to be coined as architecture and design.” Through it all, Vinny’s cool, calm and composed manner is his operational signature and a source of inspiration to many employees. An engineer with an MBA from CUSAT, Vinny is not just looking out for his company, but for his nation as well. “The lack of honesty, integrity and trust in India, results in large overheads and the need for back up plans for companies. When we are able to ascertain the absolute right and wrong, we will make it possible to drop the cost of business in India and to make it a global hub, given its blessed resources. Think lifetime, think eternity and you will be able to impact a hundred generations!”