Robotic Process Automation: Automate manual task to create efficiency

robotic process automation

Banks / Lending firms / credit bureaus have spent many years looking for ways to reduce the cost of operation, increase efficiency and to enhance their customer experience. But inefficiencies remain from decades of ‘throwing bodies’ at operational gaps. Now, thanks to technologies like robotic process automation (RPA), is rapidly expanding to more mundane parts of the business world.


Robotic Process Automation can perform repetitive task for humans, increasing productivity and quality while decreasing costs and errors.  Automation can allow for the streamlining of disparate systems, provide reliable and consistent data flow for any stage of  the loan origination  process and quicken the overall  process,  while  delivering solid audit  and  control  benefits

Benefits of RPA 

Robotic  Process Automation in Lending

Lending industry is an environment of relentless operational and regulatory change. At the same time, many continue to rely on complex legacy systems, multiple databases and spreadsheets, and manual processes. The resulting dependence on human labour to perform repeatable, relatively simple processes cuts into the time and budgets employees could be using to focus on analysis, process improvement, and customer experience. While several lenders have achieved cost-cutting objectives through business process outsourcing (BPO) and improved technology platforms, robotic process automation (RPA) offers a significant opportunity to further drive value and efficiency.

RPA presents several opportunities for lending firms:


  • Read and compile data pulled from multiple resources and in multiple formats, including commonly used core platforms, third party websites, PDFs, Microsoft applications, and email into a single view.
  • Data entry and transfers to / from third-party or non-integrated internal systems
  • System data verification vs. documents or source data files, including reconciliation and quality assurance and quality control
  • Processing transactions that follow structured rules but are not automated in the core system
  • Perform workflow management allowing organizations to sequence the order of operations
  • Processing audit trails that demonstrate adherence to rules and regulations

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