E-store development for a Publishing House (Case Study)

E-store development by re-designing a non-functioning  WordPress website to give a  personal touch that can perform all the  functions requested by the client.

e-store development


Re-designing of a non-functioning website


To develop a new website using WordPress and WP e-Store. Also customise and integrate the WordPress plugins to perform specific requested functions


A fully functioning WordPress site (in the Amphawa Theme) which now helps the client to focus on the targeted audiences and fulfil their orders.

Client Overview

A reputed publishing house owned by a non-profit charitable public trust that seeks to achieve value by publishing faith-based literature, targeting various segments of readers.

Business Task:

Re-designing and re-purposing of the website which is not functioning properly for few years. They aim to target and focus on youth in Urban India, but the irregularities in the site made it inadequately addressed. The non-functioning also caused great deal of difficulty to existing eCommerce customers and unnecessary strain to track down and fulfill the orders.

The client sought to revamp their website infrastructure to allow for the following :

  1. A facility for the client’s internal staff to upload and edit website content such as details of their work and its vision, mission values and statement of faith etc.
  2. An effective and simple online shopping module
  3. Online renewal and subscription of magazine, Uploading and sale of magazine
  4. Magazine archives
  5. Sale of E-books
  6. Online receipt of Donations
  7. Acceptance of manuscripts
  8. Generating promotional materials and uploading it on the site
  9. Connecting with other useful social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn etc.
  10. An eye pleasing graphics design
  11. A user-friendly and simple site
  12. Promotional pop ups on home page. Uploading of new releases etc.

Business Solutions:

Initially, Insight started with an assessment of the client’s needs. After conducting interviews with key stakeholders, Insight recommended the setting up of two websites – one focused on presenting the organization and its goals and activities, and the other an eCommerce store. In addition there would be a way to register and manage a common member database throughout both sites. After an analysis of various frameworks, Insight opted to build the infrastructure on a WordPress platform.

Accordingly the sites were built using WordPress (multisite option) and we customized and integrated WordPress plugins to perform specific functions like:

  1. Transition of the website and e-shop to a new framework. Incorporate downloadable e-magazine option
  2. Connect the website with Facebook
  3. Initiated the Sales force and Email newsletter services as independent applications, not integrated into the CMS
  4. Launch the Facebook page and invite believers in many networks as possible to become friends and “Like” the new site.
  5. Can start populating the new website with content from archived articles in the existing Magazine.
  6. Build and integrate a Donor Management System into the website.
  7. Social media website integration
  8. E-publish their Magazine. Subscribers to be allowed to access the MAGAZINE content online.
  9. Implementing Mobile commerce
  10. Option of local language pages.

 Business Results:

As the first step, Insight installed Google Analytics code and Google Webmaster tracking code and started analyzing the stats. Also acquired the client’s sales force access details. After analyzing the web stats, defined a profile of the website on Google. Successful transition of the website and e-shop to a new WordPress frame work is carried out in the next step. With the successful website integration, the client is able to:

    • Run the site on the WordPress Content Management System, which will allow the writers to write and publish their own blog posts and pages without depending on software programmers to upload the content
    • Through the WP eStore integration, a paid eCommerce product, users are able to upload and sell items through it. With slight modification in the product we accommodated CC Avenue Payment Gateway
      • For  MAGAZINE subscription, we created 3 “products” called
        • MAGAZINE subscription 1 year,
        • MAGAZINE subscription 2 years and
        • MAGAZINE subscription 3 years.
    • Each “product” will have a price associated with it (just like any other product), but this price is actually the price of the subscription. You can always add more “products” like this in future.
    • Integrated an E-member plugin which can be used to create a “Subscriber only section” where e-subscribers to XYZ MAGAZINE will have access (with username and password) for the duration of their e-subscription. This subscription is only for e-subscribers and not available to physical copy subscribers of the MAGAZINE. The section will contain different issues of the MAGAZINE for their download
    • We signed up on behalf of the client, to a free account with a Newsletter service called Mail Chimp, and programmed the E-Store, so that details of all buyers on the client site will automatically go to the MailChimp customer database, so that the publisher can send them newsletters, and catalogs in future. We also integrated a Mailchimp form on the website for people to sign up on to receive updates and newsletters from the publisher, even if they don’t buy anything.
    • For Donations, we created a custom page where people can donate.
    • Integrated Facebook plugin, so that each and every blog post updated in the site will be visible on the Facebook page and visitors who click on the post in Facebook are redirected to your website

On behalf of the client, we signed up with a Linux based Hosting provider and deployed the website on the server.

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