Mobile and Collaboration – Two Benefits from Cloud Tech

mobile colloboration

The latest technology, cloud  have made it possible that you communicate with, and serve all your clients whether they are sitting next to you or they are on the other side of the globe. With new and emerging technologies like mobile cloud computing, and cloud collaboration, it has become possible that a business can stretch out its hands to find new clients or just cater its existing clients sitting on the other part of the globe.

Cloud Computing

There are many types to cloud; one can be on public cloud which will have all the advantages of auto updates, application integration, to produce its own solution along with inheriting the features of Cloud itself. Then there is the private cloud, where business wants an assurance for the security of their data or would want to keep daily tasks to reduce redundancy. Another option that’s quickly gaining traction is the hybrid cloud concept where the business can have their data split into very sensitive, high security data and the one that it wants to share with the clients, internal and external stakeholders. A few core benefits of cloud computing are:

1. Pay-per-use model that enables you to pay only for the resources you use

2. Resources, whether hardware or software, will be available on-demand basis

3. You get the benefit of all auto updates to the applications when on public cloud

4. Your employees would concentrate more towards adding value to your business rather than concentrating on the existing and required infrastructure

5. Your clients anywhere in the world would be able to access business data

What a beautiful concept of keeping your infrastructure on cloud and focusing more towards adding business value through strategic decisions or towards resolving more complex business issues.

Mobile Cloud Computing

Mobile is a necessity and not just a method of communication anymore. A research shows that 90% of C-level executives look at the updates on their mobiles before even brushing their teeth! The mobile applications allow us to do banking, shopping, and have gaming and entertainment on fingertips. One can reach anyone, anytime without worrying about who has the software or not, you just have the application and you work on it either in silos or in collaboration, all with real-time changes.


Collaboration is still in the stage of evolution. Voice services, messaging, video and social media are all coming together to form Unified Communications and Unified Collaboration. While BYOD may provide with all the services that an employee might ask for to have seamless work environment.

Cloud collaboration

This is a new emerging way of storing and managing documents on cloud where others can share modify, and access at the same time. This combined platform brings together the wellness of cloud computing and new techniques of collaboration which is highly cost effective and easily manageable for globalized industries.

Mobile collaboration is the use of mobile devices and collaborative apps to allow geographically dispersed people to work together on endeavors ranging from small personal projects to high-profile enterprise teamwork. Enterprise mobility is increasingly becoming something that both employers and employees take for granted. The ability to work from anywhere and at any time affords workers more flexibility in terms of both specific hours worked and the places they can be while they work.

it’s increasingly crucial for mobile workers to have the ability to collaborate with other employees from wherever they happen to be at any given time. As a result, many vendors offer collaboration platforms and tools, and the capacity for mobile access and collaboration are often built into standard business applications.

Benefits of collaboration

Technological advances have allowed today’s workplace to grow in a more connected, global, collaborative and flexible way. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why cloud collaboration is becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses in order to enhance their brand and improve interaction in the workplace.

  1. More efficient
  2. Anytime anywhere access
  3. Improved video communication
  4. Companies have several options when it comes to cloud collaboration because it offers a variety of solutions depending on whether it’s the deployment of a private, public or hybrid cloud environment.

Greater flexibility across time zones and a greater mobile workforce productivity

Having all the trends in the market, one has to look at which is the best suited solution for his business. Consulting established market leaders for BI solutions will certainly provide you not only with the best solution but also some added business values through innovative ideas.

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