Finance and technology are deeply intertwined and any attempt to operate these in departmental silos is suicidal. Fast growing companies and start-ups need their Finance and Accounting to keep the pace and be in step with the business drivers. Insight Consultants with its deeply synchronized Technology and Financial Management Services business units brings this vital synergy and competitive advantage to clients

What we do

Our focus is to deliver business and enterprise value impact! This involves a thorough understanding of the business as well as its ecosystem. Deep involvement from the financial and technological domains as well as cross-functional engagement becomes vital. Our experts step in to regularly engage functional heads on a regular basis to explore enterprise impact zones and deliver value through BI dashboards and Machine Learning powered models.

Examples of our work

  • Evolving a business intelligence framework and automating it within a defined period
  • Proforma, budget and cashflow analysis to drive forecasts, decision making for the client
  • Evaluating and Integrating apps that gave significant workflow improvement
  • Intense cross-functional engagement through micro-conversations with function/department leaders for managing the dynamic business environment for the client
  • Project progress and team productivity tracking for real-time feedback to client’s project teams


Featured capabilities

  • Sensitivity analysis and Forecasting
  • Gap analysis and Financial advisory
  • Process and Workflow optimization, improvements
  • Eliminating repetitive tasks by automation
  • Technology consulting, interventions and customizations
  • Establishing POC’s with emerging technologies and third-party apps