The Tyranny of the Mechanics and the Protection of the Core

Core Vs Mechanics

An important question that you need to ask periodically with intentionality is – What are the core components in your business that require your time and what are the ‘mechanics’ or the ‘rinse and repeat’ type repeatable tasks that can be out-tasked.

You need to actually write down these under two lists. This is a strategic exercise that will have multiple benefits. You need to resolve to focus your time on the identified core. Thanks to the advances in digital technology, a good portion of the mechanics can be handled by technology. But many business owners are discovering that having the technology on hand is simply not enough. Appropriate set up of technology with clear alignment to the business model and its workflows is a vital success factor. Ongoing administration and management of technology are also very important to ensure that it serves your business well.

If you have the technology and its administration sorted out, you will have the privilege of insightful reports that will help you spot deviations and their causes early and apply the correction. Spending all your time to get set up your technology ecosystem in this manner is not a proper use of your time. You must out task these mechanics to experts. Examining insightful reports and strategizing the growth of your business, however, is core. That is where your time needs to be put.

A clear distinction between tasks under these two categories – core vs mechanics, also helps you look at the best options that are becoming available today in the digital, collaborative economy.

Distributed teams constructed on the social glue of trust enabled on digital platforms is revolutionizing the older paradigm of offshore outsourcing.

Demonstrated competencies, proven reliability, and honest transactions are driving the buildup of trust between people beyond borders. While the 20th century was about ‘institutional trust’ the 21st century is being defined by ‘distributed trust’.

Take this forward into action with these 3 steps.

  • Organize your job task structure across “Core” and “Mechanics”
  • Rejig your planner and schedule to apply more of your time to core
  • Invite proposals from virtual distributed teams that can take care of your “mechanics”

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